What should we buy when travelling to Laos ?

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What should we buy when travelling to Laos ? it is surely the question that a lot of visitors interested . You may want to consider the suggestions of the following gifts to make rational decisions when buying gifts for friends and relatives.

Shopping is also an integral part of every trip. It can be seen that shopping while traveling in Laos is a part of the Vietnamese culture we buy to make utensils, to commemorate the trip, to make gifts for friends and relatives. You can refer to some of the information below to gain more experience while shopping in Laos.

1. Traditional dress in Laos:

Tourists are wondering what to buy when traveling to Laos, they may choose shopping traditional costumes from Laos to celebrate. With so many designs, a variety of colors and styles, owning a traditional costumes from Laos will be a memorable gift for Laos travel.

2. Crafts Items in Laos:

The selection and procurement of crafts  products while traveling Laos is also a correct choice. Handicrafts goods of Laos are carefully crafted with a variety of styles.

3. Jewellery in Laos:

The jewelery shop in Laos is also a good choice when you do not know what to buy when traveling to Laos. Jewellery in Laos are mainly made of gold and silver with lots of designs and attractive designs.

4. Specialty dishes of Laos:

Tourists can buy them as a gift when traveling to Laos, which is a famous specialty of Laos. It may be dried dishes of Laos, Laos delicious glutinous rice, fermented meat ‘dawng aen nok’.

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