Wedding ceremony – a beauty of Laos traditional culture

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Su-Khoan Rite is a unique institution in every religious ceremony in Laos  which have been applied to every situation, every class and lifetime of Laotians. The form and content of this religious ceremony (Su-Khoan) will be made clear with the official entry ceremony according to the customary of two countries. With this information we just want to emphasize the importance of Su-rested in a solemn ceremony among such ceremonies held in Laos.

After the festivities, the duties of the groom in line with the family in the wedding day is the same as ours.

In Vietnam, it was forced to choose continuous good day to celebrate wives but not husbands season also. Normally we do weddings in the winter and spring before the brutal, probably because cold air in the north, cool in the south? July is the month with integrated rain sad eventuality between Niu Lang and Chuc Nu (according to legend Tau) should people follow their diet, avoid celebrating centennial story, except for force majeure.

Laotians have different rules of marriage. June is the best month due to seasonal prayers Instant Bun Bang Milling rain. June was the last month since last July is seasonal farming, also in August back to whipping Sá season retreat away season of Theravada monks and nuns system lasted until the full moon of March 11. Around this time people Laos absolute Kha-five (abstinence), so I had to wait in December so. Good day, the Lao choose 15 days before the full moon, implied predestined son spouses will increasingly rise, flourish as clear as the moon.

After the groom’s sides, the girl agreed to everything, they fixed two days welcome kiss (bride). This date is usually chosen in the days and hours which is good, according to the lunar calendar, the date and time convenient for the age-old bride and groom, Zodiac name is now. Dates and times of the community Zodiac Vietnam abroad (except in Laos and Thailand), again, only replicate unless stems per unit weekend!

As mentioned above, the Vietnamese bride, groom put Laos. And before jointly explore the wife brought her husband home, we would like to introduce you to read the form and content can not not be ceremonies in the marriage of ethnic Lao.

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