Visiting Wat Sisaket temple with the most ancient statues of Buddha

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Wat Sisaket is a small temple in Vientiane, this temple has 6.840 large and small statues which are very rare and ancient. These statues here made mainly by copper, some made from other materials such as precious woods, silver, or plated gold.

Buddhism is the state religion view of Laos. With about 1.400 temples across the country, Vientiane is the focus of hundreds of large and small temple, with historical and cultural value, the typical architecture such as Buddha temple built from the 1st century, the schools of many generations of monks; Temple Prakeo where is very special and unique with statues of Buddha Phra Bang (casting gold in Sri Lanka) was brought from Angkor King Fa Ngum in Vientiane in the fourteenth century. This statue is rare, is considered as a symbol of Buddhist in Laos. Also the huge temple and famous such as Wat Ong Tu, Ho Pra Candy Vat (Vat Pra Keo), That Luang (Pha That Luang).
Wat Sisaket stands on street corners of Sethathirath, Lane Xang Avenue, Vientiane built in the seventeenth century. Round the shores wall of sanctum is thousands times smaller cells, each cell contains two small Buddha statues molded by precious copper. Abbot of the temple, said: “The whole temple has exactly 6.840 full size statues. Notably, in the main hall space and some time around, there are so many ancient bronze gilded statues  which are very rare”

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