The most useful notes when visiting Laos

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Coming to Laos – a Buddhist country, where has the biggest number of the world’s largest temple with a total of 1.400 temples, 90% of the population are Buddhist. Temples are associated with school, politics, with both national policy and birth. Laos is considered as a country of festivals throughout the year. Festivals in Laos are the occasions for people playing, dancing, singing, eating area and of course the “ceremony” of the Festival always associated with temples.

There are some useful tips for tourist when visiting this country;
When to travel to Laos?

You can go to Laos at any time during the year, but the season before coming, you should know exactly what season of this nation is for preparing sunscreen or rain map. Laos also has 2 seasons: summer and winter.

Moving from Vietnam to Laos:

You can come to this country from Saigon, Hanoi by plane or bus.

– From Hanoi, tourists can buy tickets to go to Vientiane in Laos 3A Nguyen Gia Thieu, exit at the Cau Treo border gate. Or at Vinh city, buy bus tickets to Xieng Khouang Nam Can border gate will seal Garages immigration, so you do not have to worry about the procedure.

– From the city. HCM, you can go across the road to Laos border gate in Kon Tum and Quang Tri, Hue or Quy Nhon.

Also, if there are cars (engines, cars) and want to drive, you can apply for a permit through Vietnam – Laos traffic at the Department of Transportation.
Moving in Laos:  The main transportation in Laos tuk tuk and pickups (a type of small trucks). Car schedule are available at the bus station or travel companies Lic. Also, tourists can explore by bicycle hire Vientiane.

Tips to save money and travel time in Laos:
Tuk tuk should carpool with other travelers to save or buy tickets before pickup day and should not buy roundtrip.

When going to any tourist destination, you should ask about scenic routes to follow before the tour.

Hotels and guest houses: Travel services in Laos is quite developed, but affordable majority of guesthouses .

Meals and specialties: Basically, the dish resembles Vietnam Laos should be easy to enjoy and intimacy. These items should not be overlooked when you come here is the barbecue, Greek, white away. Especially in Laos often include spices sour, spicy, sweet. Spice  occupies the position in the cuisine of Laos. Lao beer drinking are available, beer was hailed as the best one in Southeast Asia.

What we should carry to Laos?
– Passport.

– Travel guide Book of Lonely Planet .

– Hats, masks, sunglasses, sun protection clothing, gloves.

– Wear shoes in order to avoid sunny summer and cold in winter.

– Consider wearing basically treating drugs.

– Wear sunscreen, sunscreen and insect treatment.

– Buy sim phone at the gate.

– You can use dollars, Kip and Vietnamese dong in Laos but to limit unnecessary incurred when traveling in rural areas, you should change into Kip.

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