The most strange dishes in Laos

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Laos Cuisine equally is as famous as other countries one in the region, we could name some typical dishes such as grilled chicken, sausage, roasted pork, steamed fish in banana leaves, chicken (fish), boiled vegetables, vegetables, rice (sticky rice). There are also other dishes such as grilled chops, meat rolls and sour fish. All flavors are of traditional and modern taste.
Laotians like to eat sticky rice most. Once cooked, they will hold the rice into small cubes, then put into the sauce separately and use hands to eat. This rustic way of eating, according to the Laotian, who eats this dish can feel all the aroma, fresh and natural sweetness of each grain.
Khao Lam (a kind of rice cooked in a bamboo tube)

Khao Lam is a typical food of Laos and some ethnic minorities in the Northwest, and Central Highlands of Vietnam. It is cooked from rice, the food is being respected by Laotians, especially glutinous rice. Get the rice put in a bamboo tube one open end, then use a banana leaf and then sealed combustion. Bamboo tube used to cook rice, fresh, not too young nor too old to when the rice is cooked, add a little grain of rice blends sweetness and flavor characteristics of bamboo. It is often served with chicken or grilled forest pork. However, it is the most delicious when served with sesame. Laotian rice is being preferred.
Grilled dishes in Laos

Laotians especially like to eat barbecue, all the food that can be cooked by frying, they are used, fromed by meat and fish, vegetables and whole spices. Khao Lam is as a dish made with this form. There are various ways of putting direct grilled food on fire or buried in coals to bake in the oven or electric skillet. But Laotians still prefer grilled food on the tube by cork, cane or bamboo tubes, to create delicious flavors and unique characteristics color of the country.

Dishes from insects:

Like Cambodia and Thailand, the Laotians also enjoyed the dishes made from insects. From rice crickets, ant eggs, to the belostomatid , spiders in fried foods, fried, steamed rice pickled  peanutsare very tasty. Belostomatid – a type of beneficial insects in the field are imported by Laotians from Cambodia with very expensive price is the most preferred insect with spicy flavor. The foods made from insects are rich in protein, are diversified cooked , which are attractive and fancy like its taste .

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