The most spectacular mountain in Laos

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Luang Prabang people say: If you do not come to Phou Si mountain, it will mean that you have not come to Luang Prabang yet. “Phou” in Lao language means “mountain” and “si” which means “color”. Phou Si – Mount Color – is a small hill located in the northeast of Luang Prabang with 1000m length, 250m width, 80m height. From the foot to the top through 329 stages of red brick. With wide stairs, and be moderately low, from a distance, it has own base. On the wide expanse of ticketing station there is a linden planted by the Indian government in 2500 on the occasion of  Buddhist calendar, around surrounded by lotus.

Brilliant Gold tower at top Phou Si .

Both sides have hundreds of original way Champa (modern porcelain flowers or flower in Vietnam) ancient, enormous body scabrous stem, branches shriveled. Flowers bloom white, put ngan floral aroma, pure jungle fresh morning. Towering trees luxuriant forest. Forest trails and clean sides, no junk, both deciduous and less for regular scanned, Champa flower shed travelers pry Pedestal wall.
Nam Khan river: More than 300 stages has expired and tourists still want to enjoy the feeling of calm, cool as sugar onto the scene first place. Phou Si panoramic serene, quaint hidden among ancient Champa forest. Atop Phou Si Chom Si tower 20 meters high, magnificent golden color. Buddha worship space beside the tower, which weighs about 50kg Buddha statue. According to tradition, many visitors bring flowers candle, trying to lift the statue up over three times for good luck.

From atop Phou Si look around: on the left is the Nam Khan line with the bridge crossing, winding line with Mekong Air; Luang Prabang on the right is peaceful with tranquility in the valley. In front are the foothills of the vast palace site, regal royal garden, looming curved pagoda roofs.
Receding a bit as the Mekong immense. Panoramic across the river: A mountain silhouette of a woman is turned away, which is Phou Guide (Mountain Girl), the opposite is Phou Thao (Mountain Boy) associated with the integration a romantic love story.

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