The most special festival in Laos

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“End – Vegetarian Festival” translated from Laos “Bun-ooc-phan -xa” is one of the biggest festivals in Laos, which takes place every year in November on Buddhist calendar. We have ‘ end-vegetarian festival ‘ , it means we also have ‘Into –  vegetarian festival’ as in Laos called “Bun-khau-phan – xa”, starting from the full moon in August Buddhist calendar. The distance between the two festivals is the Lent.

According to Laotians customary, the Lent lasted three months from the full moon in August to full moon in November of Buddhist calendar, the monks will take the meditation, study or teach Buddhism, and people often do not take everyone home, no weddings and can temporarily quit drinking, quit smoking. The job will be started immediately after the chronic strongly vegetarian, ie after the full moon in November (Buddhist calendar).

From the last few days, the main day of the festival this year in Laos vegetarian day is on October 12th, ie 15th (full moon) in November 2554 (Buddhist calendar). During this day, everyone, regardless of age, sex, or civilian dignitaries in traditional brilliant clothes  and looked cheerful, joyfully worship to Buddha temple, offering gifts to monks until late.

Adults’s conception is that going to temple to pray for Buddhist ceremony is also to set an example for the children of self development, merit and learn about the fine traditions of the nation. When night falls, the houses are lit with candles placed on small boats for about one to two meters made of bananas, or other materials provided that looks like a small boat.

Many families present fun party celebration , gather to wish each other good things in flickering candlelight. Children and youth walking happily in the street and there are several fireworks competition. Occasionally we also heard the sound of a few firecrackers running through .

Going between Vientiane streets of vegetarian night, it feels like I’m walking in the streets of homeland on 30th of New Year Eve. At midnight, on the way to the office, stop my Honda in front of a sidewalk party table next to a repairing shop on Chao A-nou street, where many young Vietnamese, Laos was drinking and talking. A young Vietnamese man named Dung said over three years ago, the ceremony Vegetarian year too, his shops were doing banquet thrilled with Laos, sharing the hardships, eliminating concerns , depression, wish each other to achieve more pleasure in the new day.

A very important activity in the day of the ceremony is vegetarian drop light boat on the Mekong River in a moment late in the evening or at night last night 12-10, on not less than one km dyke along the river solvers work has been paved smoothness, thousands of people, mostly young men, holding the boat to circle lights with bananas or coconut leaves with bright yellow daisy flowers and candles ling components ( Price per boat so no less than 15 thousand kip – about 42 thousand Vietnam dong) prepare for a convenient time to drop down the line Mexican company with which it wishes.

In addition to major holidays, chronic vegetarian festival was accompanied by fun activities, entertainment, shopping and especially the boat racing is held immediately after the night complacent vegetarian, applicants in this year ie on 13th October.

Earlie, on June 7th to 10th, vegetarian festival was kicked off with a very large-scale fairs along the banks of the Mekong River region between the capital city of Vientiane. It seems most familiar dishes from Laos are sold, from grilled chicken au attractive yellow, fragrant grilled fish, sticky rice dishes lam in spotless white bamboo tubes to the dish Moderately duck seeds, popcorn, shredded papaya salad spicy tongue that Laotians called “tam mac hung” and especially a ubiquity bottle of Laos beer . Foreign buyers from the US, Europe to Asia are not competing with the present lack of cultural programs, arts marketing extravaganza. Commodities Vietnam, China, Thailand also filled fair.

The first day immediately after vegetarian, like this year, the day seemed to be for Laotians for entertainment, recreation, including boat racing. Mr. Kham Keo in the Phon- toong Xa-vat village, has nearly 70 years, also go sailing. Handles parasols chang chang noon, he happily said: Every year I watch the boat race. This type of traditional sport, with a long, sticking with the lives of tribal people of Laos. in my youth, I used to be famous racers tens of years, every year every day looking forward to Bulgaria steam-promised (boat racing festival) this. But this year has no aircraft performed as last year,it is also a pity!

Country of beautiful blossom peaceful and humane Champa , with the types of songs, dances, music and special activities happening festivals almost year round, a month may also have at least one ceremony or festival. The folk festivals associated with the Buddhist beliefs operation that made Laos’ spiritual life more deeply. In particular, the past vegetarian festival has left a lasting impression on the tourists.

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