The most luxurious restaurants in Laos

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KhopChaiDeu restaurant:  in Laotian, KhopChaiDeu means ‘Thank you’, it has 3 floors, 1st floor is a bar and billiard room, 2nd floor dining wider. The restaurant’s menu is diverse with about 20 dishes including local cuisine, Chinese, Japanese, Western to vegetarian dishes and desserts.
The most traditional specialties of Laos like Laap, sticky rice, barbecue and insect dishes. Food is delicious, affordable with attentive service and politeness, KhopChaiDeu was chosen as a favorite food of all travelers.

Phone Keo Restaurant is located on a main road of the town, serving the best food in Xieng Khuang. The menu is simple with dishes served quickly. The restaurant’s specialty is vegetable soup and fried rice and egg. The food was delicious and cheap, Phone Keo is a restaurant, a favorite one of locals and tourists in Xieng Khuang.

Kualao is a luxurious restaurant in the center of Vientiane, serving traditional dishes from across executive of Laos. Delicious food, enthusiastic staff happily, in a romantic atmosphere with professional dancers in dance music and traditional Laotian. Kualao is an ideal venue for meetings, reunions or tourists.

A clean restaurant located in the center of town, near the post office and the market. Sangah offers an extensive menu with dishes diverse China, Thailand and Laos, plus some Western food. The specialty here is the sweet potato dish, fried rice. Prices per dish from 1:25 – 4 USD.

Dao Savanh restaurant specializing in providing specialty French cuisine, serving lunch and dinner 2 a day with a reasonable price. With 3 dishes for a delicious lunch for around $ 8 and a richer dinner with menus from 11-32 USD. The food was beautifully presented with attentive service style, you can enjoy a true French meal at Laos.

As a restaurant serving traditional cuisine of Laos, very tasty with a very affordable cost. In particular, the restaurant was open Tamnak cooking classes for those who want to learn the Lao cuisine. If you can do it by half after learning they will be reduced tuition.

As a famous restaurant branch from Vietnam presenting all over the world. Xuan Mai Restaurant at Paske serving gourmet cuisine of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Opening until midnight, serving all three meals of the day, Xuan Mai is a much-loved restaurant in Paske. Prices are also very cheap, from 1 – 2.5 dollars for each meal.

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