That Luong – The most famous and beautiful temple in Laos

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Situated on a high, wide and flat ground in the east of Vientiane, That Luang temple is famous for the  largest and most beautiful tower in Laos; is a cultural icon representing the creativity of Laotians built in the sixteenth century, when the Kingdom of Lan Xang (Million Elephants) moved from Luong Prabang to Vientiane.

As a country where Buddhism is considered as the National religion, every year in Laos, almost every month there are also many festivals; of which, the That Luang festival in this famous temple is the largest religious festival, most imbued Lao cultural and attracts the attention of a large number of tribal people across the country along the pilgrims Buddhist Northeastern provinces of Thailand, as well as international visitors.

According to the Legend, That Luang is one of the few Buddhist temples in the world which can keep relics of Gautama Buddha when he wrote Nirvana.

The temple’s old bibliographic records that, in this area in 236 Buddhist calendar, the year 307 BC, people built a temple is a famous temple Pha That Luang today.
When Buddhism became the state religion and a new capital Vientiane, along with the construction of palaces, castles, palaces, temples, the King Xetthathilat gave refurbished by building Pha That Luang stupa wrap up their old by a large and beautiful, new tower and the architecture was preserved until today.

The tower has a square pedestal, each North and South side is 68m wide, each east and west is 69m wide, around  decorated by 332 stylized bodhi leaf.

In addition to the 45m high tower, it also has 30 small tower symbolizing the Buddha Shakyamuni with 30 years of arduous practice to become Buddha. On this small tower covering the Bali famous words inscribed the word of the Buddha.

Any temple must also have a relics tower, and the tower is the largest and most beautiful in Laos. Pha That Luang is the pride and the national symbols. That Luang was first built in 1566 on the ruins of a 13th century Khmer temple and according to legend contain a hair (or according to another tradition the dew rag ribs) of the Buddha was a missionary teachers brought from India.

Each floor of this three-tier architecture reflects a part of the Buddha’s teachings. First Floor with the length 226 ft 223 ft, second floor is 157 feet long on each side, third floor with 98 ft long edge. From the ground up to the tip of the tower, 147.6 ft high. The wall around the monastery is about 279 ft long sides with a large number of features carved Laos and Khmer.
Every year here in the mid-November, there is great national festival – That Luang festival. That Luang is considered as a very sacred temple for everyone coming to Laos as many people resolve to get this place by praying and hoping that luck will come to them.

In just inside the entrance, after merit a depending amount on the center, you will receive three incense and the branches of yellow chrysanthemums. Normally, when received flowers, people holding flowers solemn walk in to the base of the tower and the ceremony at the altar just before the bottom, with wish their wishes come true.
Under bright of sunlight, the entire Pha That Luang emerging as a bright yellow tower. Architectural style of pyramid with blooming lotus buds seemed wing around to remind us that the Buddha lotus located in the area of ​​mysterious Buddhist .

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