Precious shopping experiences when travelling in Laos

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Shopping is also an integral part of every trip. It can be seen that shopping while traveling is part of a culture. We buy something to make utensils, to commemorate the trip, to make gifts for friends and relatives. You can refer to some of the information below to gain more experience while shopping in Laos.
Vientiane: Laos is a great destination for anyone interested in crafts and antiques and fine art, and Vientiane is the best place to do it. Additionally, Vientiane is famous for textile products and jewelry.

Morning Market: Morning Market is major commercial center and the most famous in Vientiane. Opening from very early with the diversity of merchandise, including goods from Thailand and Vietnam. You can find here all items in Vientiane from handicraft goods, jewelry to textile products. The trade is also very easy, just beckoned you’ll buy the item they want, more that 80% of sales people here know Vietnamese. As in Vietnam, shopping in the markets of Laos in general you should bargin.

Samsenthai Street, Panggkam and Setthathirat:
This is the way to focus a lot of arts and crafts store. With various number and species, modern style and tradition, surprising with all those who are interested in these products. Samsenthai road also has many shops selling jewelry, primarily made of gold and silver, which are very glamorous and fancy.

Xieng Khuang: Like the shopping centers in other localities in the country. In Xieng Khuang, you will easily find the bazaars and shops selling jewelry items, crafts furniture, Laos silk.

Chinese Market: This market is a 2-storey building, which offers a rich souvenir items made from plastics, however you can also find items made of gold and silver. The handicraft products, silk, jewelry is also on sale here.

Fresh Market : Fresh Market is providing the imported fresh rare fruits in Laos. Especially, in this market you will find the “sago” Xieng Khuang region, which is the dry goods including fermented nok aen dawng  meat and mushroom dishes.

Savannakhet: As a 2nd major economic center of Laos, Savannakhet is a place where has a lot of busy urban area, the busiest market sellers, buyers and visitors. Products sold here are in diversity, many imported goods, duty-free price are very affordable.

Savanxay Market:

Only about 100 meters from the central bus station,  Savanxay market is a shopping attractions where is very interesting and many tourists. In addition to the usual items on the market as fresh food and meat, food area of ​​the market is also very famous for the delicious food specialties Laos. Tourist attraction of open markets is the richness and diversity of souvenir items, the arts and crafts stalls with the sophisticated and fancy products , the brocade textile products, cotton yarn with the unique pattern of traditional Laos.

Duty-free shops Dao Heuang :
This place offers plenty of duty-free goods with reasonable prices including items like chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, Cuban cigars, coffee, household electrical products. Customers also easily find handicrafts, silk and jewelry here.

Singapore Market:
Consisting of a 4-storey building, the Singapore market was the largest market in Savannakhet. Goods here are mostly imported from Thailand, China, Vietnam with mostly fresh foods and household items.

Luang Prabang: Like Vientiane, Luang Prabang is also famous for handicraft items, art products, textiles and jewelery.

Luang Prabang Night Market: Travelers coming to Luang Prabang is not only eager to admire the royal temple or incident but also still have one other curious, there is a night market in Luang Prabang. The ancient city of Luang Prabang night how much quiet night market of Luang Prabang in contrast, lively, boisterous much. From 4 pm, the goods have been gathered from everywhere. Here visitors spoiled for choice items from Laos fabric, bags, clothing, jewelry silverware Laos, souvenir silver to bronze statue or painting paper, wooden image of Buddha, the monks pilgrims. Prices in this story is often, expensive, cheap,  unstable and bargain are as parts of this capital at the night market.

Kopnoi: Located in Ban Apha, beside Phousi mountains and Nam Kham rivers , Kopnoi is famous for handmade products made from natural materials, including clothes, jewelry, silk fabrics, accessories and perfume

Lisa Regale: Lisa Regale is a chain of stores spreading across from Wat Xieng Thong to Wat Khily approaching, specialized in providing products clothing, fabrics silk traditional style of Laos, and all products associated with the European style.

Champasak: Like all other cities of Laos, the main commercial center of Champasak outside where the food supply is also home appliances sold the typical souvenirs of Laos as weaving, jewelry strength, and antiques.

Paske Morning Market: This market is the same as the morning market in Vientiane, Paske market is opened from very early and the trade center, the city’s main shopping this. Only 200m from the center of town, the morning market Paske provide fruit, vegetables and other foods the family. Cho also busy seller buyer and travelers with clothing items, crafts, jewelry, household. The cafes, coffee catering are also found here.

Dao Heuang (New Market): Located on Highway 13, near the Japanese bridge spanning the Mekong River, this new market is providing everything that residents and visitors can buy in Champasak. Markets are organized, divided by region very hygienic Coffee easy for customers shopping search from the clothes, the souvenir to the food area.

Souvenirs:  Laos travelling for job is very easily and frequently by many people and the shopping here, too. Souvenir merchandise has become familiar to us. You should go to the market and the duty free shop, mostly at the gate, prices here are much cheaper than other places and also abundant commodity diversification. Shopping at the market, you should bargain because of instable price , each seller a price. You must also pay attention to the number for the duty-free shops usually only for a person to purchase a limited number of goods, and the customs of the items that do not carry on. The things you should buy are the toys crafts; towels, brocade clothes; bronze or silver jewelry.

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