Naming the most attractive street food in Laos

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Laos has a culinary background is extremely various and attractive. It is always impressed by the delicious food, that you will remember forever.

Culture of Laos cuisine carries many similarities  as Thailand, Vietnam. Laotians generally prefer spicy warm  food with very much chilli, garlic, fish sauce and herbs.

For tourists who love to enjoy street food, it should not be overlooked a small alley in the west of Luang Prabang Night Market, which is often known as the “Street Food”. Here, you will freely enjoy the culinary delicacies Laos with extremely cheap prices.

If you are interested in finding out and learning how to cook dishes in Vientiane Laos and Luang Prabang also has a lot of cooking center for tourists.
In the Laotian, Laap mmeans fortune, luck, wishes, symbolizing peace, luck of the Laos. Laotian often ate raw meat to feel all fresh sweet taste of meat, fat fleshy heart of the liver. For those guests not eating raw meat so familiar,Laap will be cooked.

Laap is cooked quite simple. Laotians used all kinds of beef, pork, chicken, duck and heart, chopped liver. Laap in pig additional julienne pork. All mixed with spices such as lemon juice, galangal, lemongrass, onion, chili and a little a lot of sticky hearing.
In Laos, very few black or multi-colored sticky like some water. Lao people eat sticky rice with grilled chicken, boiled vegetables and “precarious deck” – delicious sauce seasoning sauce similar in Vietnam. Sticky rice is packed in bamboo baskets, should be attractive aroma. When coming to Laos, you can eat away at the bars or restaurants for around 15,000 kip per basket.
Papaya salad in Laotian called Tam Hung Maak. When eating papaya salad, spicy aroma of shrimp paste and mix with sour taste will bring to the customers own flavor there. During the meal, papaya salad is a dish hardly essential.


Savannakhet Chicken is considered as gourmet cuisine in the south of Laos. This is an extremely attractive dishes made from countryside grazing, fragrant, tasty and firm chicken . Chicken after being cleaned will be clamped on bamboo sticks, put on charcoal grill until cooked.

Savannakhet Chicken

Khausoy is a famous dish in Luang Prabang, looking  outside it is the same as soup but has more delicious, simple ingredients  and taste. Khausoy just broth boil and filter water for the city to enter blanching. Then, pour the soup into a bowl of water and, for khausoy above, served with vegetables, raw spinach, shallots, pepper, chili. Khausoy is the most important ingredient of this dish, made of minced pork mixed with garlic, tomatoes, spices of all kinds.


Like the people of Cambodia and Thailand, the Laotians also enjoyed the dishes are made from insects. From rice crickets, ant eggs, to spiders in fried foods, fried, steamed rice to put peanuts or pickled are very tasty.

Laos noodle is different from Vietnamese noodle. First, since the taste of Laos noodle is not to cinnamon, anise but only use water to visitors for security bones depending its spices, bowls always have 2-3 pieces of information and growing pigs. Raw vegetables eaten outside basil, lettuce is indispensable fresh string beans cut into logs, to diners dotted with live shrimp sauce.

Greaves roll salad is a unique and special dish in Laos. Fried Greaves  are on sale at the stalls in the dry market. This dish comes rolled in lettuce papaya salad, raw vegetables and eaten with “cheo boong”.

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