Laos noodle – a familiar but strange dish

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If you have an opportunity to visit the capital of ‘the country of million elephants’, remember to enjoy a bowl of noodle to  feel the taste of exotic cuisine considered as well integrated and have a tremendous impact to the cuisine of Laos.
At first glance, it looks like a bowl of Vietnamese noodle with some

ingredients as noodles, noodle, beef, chicken, studded park, herbs, price, scallion.

But to try to know, the taste of Laos noodle soup is not the same with Vietnam. Laos noodles not seem tough but softer, the colors of grayish, not completely white as Vietnamese noodles. Water slightly turbid soup, not in, no smell of spices such as anise, cinnamon, ginger.

A bowl of pho for the Lao Lao and large. Vegetables eaten there more live cowpea and pickles from carrots, chayote.
It is known for cooking broth for pho Laos, the Lao security only bone and water mix very light so that when diners can add spices including sugar, fish sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, chili sauce, dried chili distillation as you like. This probably stems from Laos cuisine with food concepts real taste sour, spicy and sweet, the good new.

Previously, the Lao in Vientiane often traditional foods such as steamed, grilled fish, grilled meat, papaya salad … Since the Lao noodle dish has quickly become popular.

Some people believe that things just enjoy eating noodle soup is delicious, full of nutrients left, but there was something gentle and approachable unexplainable. Perhaps so that Laos noodle dish is exotic is considered well integrated and have a tremendous impact to the style of people dining Vientiane.
Since the Lao noodle dish has quickly become popular in Vientiane

If you’ve tired of the dry traditional dishes of the day traveled in Vientiane, you can walk into a restaurant in Laos and try a bowl of noodle made from the friendly and hospitable country of  “million elephants” to experience the unique , familiar but strange flavor of this dish.

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