Laos Elephant Festival – An everlasting beauty of Culture

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Not being favored by natural blue sea, white sand and mysterious caves, but “the country of thousand elephants” has inherited the extremely rich and unique cultural heritage, attracting millions of visitors, tourists to come here every year. One of the biggest traditional festival in Laos held every year is “Elephant Festival”.
Elephant Festival is a long traditional cultural in Laos.
Elephant Festival is one of the traditional festivals encouraging the local people to protect elephants that is a part of natural heritage of Laos, contributing to economic development and tourism in the Xayaboury province in particular and Laos in general.

Inherently, Laos is known as the Kingdom “Lan Xang”, which means “the country of a million elephants”. In antiquity in Laos, the elephant is like a “God”, a symbol of strength, spirit and wisdom. Elephants are animals helped to build up the Van Tuong dynasty so Laotians are always grateful and worship them. Elephant Festival has many meanings, it went into poetry, painting, sculpture, as well as numerous other art forms of the Laotians.
During the festival there are nearly hundred elephants participating in the parade and perform spectacular extravaganza, attracting hundreds of thousands of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Elephant Festival is one of the traditional festivals encourage local people protect elephants that are part of natural heritage of Laos, contributing to economic development and tourism in Xayaboury province in particular and Laos in general. This festival is held for the first time in Laos in 2007 with the aim of contributing to preserve traditional cultural beauty, expressing intimate relationship between humans and elephants. Then, in order to promote the development of tourism, preserving the good traditions of the nation and protect the elephants, Laos annually organizes this festival.
Caravan Elephant – the largest cultural events in Laos in 2015 will take place in December

Elephant Festival with many unique activities like elephant intelligent execution, agility, spraying elephants, elephant health exam. During the festival there are many cultural activities, art rich and colorful like the parade of seven different ethnic groups express the cultural diversity of the province and the concert of the Lao and Thai artists Lan .In December next, the Lao government officials Xayabouly and Luong Prabang provinces are working with the Center for Elephant Conservation planning organizations with large-scale Caravan Elephant to celebrate 20 years of Luong Prabang became World Heritage.
Although dubbed the “country of thousand elephants,” but in Laos, there currently has only about 900 individuals of elephants. If they are not protected and we do not prevent the risk of being killed, the largest terrestrial mammals species will completely disappear in Laos in 50 years.

With the participation of many artists on stage, Caravan Elephant promises to become a roving performances of various cultural forms. In addition, the delegation will also hold elephant performances  in Luong Prabang from December, 7th to 10th.

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