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Unlike the Western countries, Laotians eat dinner not in a high table they  squat on the floor, Laotians bring to the dishes on the table at the same time . Their conception -‘ Piep’ consider parents, superior as the first people to eat first piece to open the meal, in order of age, they will eat the next ones.

Visitors coming to the house will follow the mandatory rules considered as a culture of their own, do not eat when others stood up. Usages of Laotians are always leaving food on your plate when eating, if guests are not leaving food, they will give visitors food if it is not saturated enough. Homeowners will lose face. Laotians are very clean, they have handwashing before and after a meal.

Drinks: Drinks of Laotian include LauLao, Fanthong (similar to alcohol), Namsa (diluted tea), coffee. Especially grilled coconut dishes. Grilled coconut moderate left raw, peeled and then chilled. Coconut water is sweet and strangely fragrant, delicious coconut plasticity.

Coconut water is found in almost all types of drinks, Laotians have habits or coconut water mixed with other drinks. Lau Lao – a type of wine made from fermented glutinous rice with a bit of lemon and drink Pepsi. Laos wine easy to drink, hard to say, but when drunk without causing headaches. The food used to make wine, sticky rice, rice and spices from Laos and not imitate. According to custom, in the festive party, some workers drinking Lau simultaneously with the long suction tube wine from a porcelain vase.

Lao coffee is excellent, the majority is grown from the fertile Bolovens plateau in the southern Laos. Laotians like to drink coffee and sweet dark coffee, so people tend to add sugar and milk to coffee. Coffee usually blows in each cup, drink with a glass of Nansha, and diluted Chinese Tea. Laos also has its own beer brands, Laos beer is easy to drink and easy to find in most bars and restaurants across the country.

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