Glamourous as Vientiane cuisine

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Laos’ capital city is a peaceful and suitable serene for those who want to stay away from the rush to seek the quiet life. But in Vientiane, there are  other enchanting culinary pleasures that if you do not try, it will be seem that you have never been in Laos.

In Southeast Asia, Laos culinary highlights which are not the same as Thailand, Vietnam and human essence is not the same as Singapore, but the food and the way to enjoy always leave the special aftertaste, like dances echo infatuating heart.

As in Vietnam,you would not be unaware of hotpot; but if you also ate Tom Yam Kung ever (shrimp hot pot tart renowned of Thai) or Japanese-style hot pot, the front grill dishes Sindat (“Xin -dat”), you will find a surprise, curiosity and will be extremely excited. Sindat is a Laos-style of hotpot, it is unique in a way that it combines a deft and subtle between water pot and pot roast. People often commented on how that foreign tourists to Vientiane 3 to be done: visit Pha That Luang (the most famous temples of Laos), drink and eat Sindat, drink Laos Beer. In Vientiane, Sindat is not “common” much like in our hot pot, which is concentrated in the bars, great restaurants. The scale of these locations bigger the map as rich, fresh and of course, more winter visitors.

Sindat is a dish very agreeable person. It need not concern you as a “fan” or barbeque grills hot pot, the gourmet or easygoing, as people drink or just “dump bait”. The structure pot 2 in 1, you just might enjoy Grilled scallops with fragrant pieces Beerlao, the medium can sniff seafood puffy pieces immersion in hot-sour broth nicely-sweet. There are things to eat and drink beer sindat, only losses. By drinking beer belly fast, but make what you can control myself standing before the same identical buffet dishes that the chef cleverly laid out. So, if subtle enough to feel the intense bitterness in wine Kongsaden, then you try to them intertwined. It’s one thing to always remember Laos, unmistakably be.

And every afternoon, gliding up the Mekong River to Vientiane somehow have lured back to that. Sunset on the bank of the Mekong as red, while purple chlorosis. Red cool water stream sediment drift peaceful endless charm those who love this city trot. Sitting on the banks of the Mekong, the most interesting is this taste. The fresh shrimp uncle was one beaten her up from the river, gently marinated in the mouth so that when diners, still lingers is the essence of one of the world’s largest rivers. Like bread in Hanoi West Lake shrimp, grilled shrimp eat sitting on the banks of the Mekong, the Mekong new substances. New feel all the unique flavor that gives this dish.

In Vientiane is not only consistent with those strange delicacies, but if luck is the people you invite to Laos to take their farms, I guarantee you’ll regret. The capital of Laos is extremely friendly and hospitable and once invite you to come home, they will not hesitate to feast you what is the most special.

There, away, grilled chicken, grilled tilapia and Laap. Laap is not down as in our Laap, which is a dish often served to treat Vip Laotian. Laap is made from beef, buffalo meat finely chopped (can be chicken, pigs, deer, fish) with vegetables and chopped mint, chili, pepper and lemon juice. Laap merged when served with sticky rice, but as Visay, a friend of our Laos or joking: “Eat only takes away alone.” Fatty taste, but ethereal taste of Laap very makes people “addicted”.

According to the Lao language, “Laap” means fortune or luck. So that it has become one of the famous dishes and the most popular in the country of million elephants. As Sindat or grilled shrimp Mekong, all major human idyllic as Laotians, but can make people love this country since the time that they did not know.

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