Discovering Vieng Xai cave – The most spectacular underground world

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Vieng Xai (also Vientiane Xay or Vientiane Sai) is a district in Hua Phan province. The town is located on a road which is about 6.30 km from Sam Nua and 55 km from the border with Vietnam.
Vieng Xai Cave is a cave located in a cave system in the area of ​​Hua Phan. Vieng Xai is special with pictures of fertile hills and limestone cliffs.

In the 1960s, the politic in Laos had many changes. American imperialism believed that Laos is an important sector in the prevention of the communist movement which was  developing at that time. Laos entered in the war between America and Northern and Southern war in Vietnam.

The entrance of Vieng Xai cave

The next year, the US repeatedly bombed in this country like in Vietnam at that time.

With extremely dangerous situation like that, the leaders of Laos has decided to move its military forces to Vieng Xai cave to ensure the force. It became the headquarters for the struggle of Laos. Here, the leaders of Laos were protected under the back cover of green forest. In the cave, there were hospitals, barracks and theater serving life for Lao officials. It has been the shelter of nearly 23,000 people in the war.

In 1973, a stop shooting state ended the bombing and the new towns of Vieng Xay were founded as the capital of the liberated areas. When the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos was announced on December 2nd, 1975, the capital was moved to Vientiane.

Laotian are proud of this cave system, as a part of a proud history of Laos.
This day, this cave is restored and becomes a tourist attraction in Laos.

Vieng Xai caves can accommodate up to 23,000 people during the war to find shelter.
The Government and people of Laos are proud of this cave system, it is not only beautiful but also a proud part of their history. And today, Laos also put the region on tourist travel service system like Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam.

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