Avoiding taboo when travelling to Laos

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Laos – a natural land with peace and peaceful human beings has some taboo that you need to avoid before travelling here.
Country of “Million elephant” with peaceful natural landscape but equally its spectacular scene is attracting a lot of tourists. Vietnam is very close to this beautiful country, thousands of tourists still come here and visit it every year. However, many people just do not understand the taboo in Laos and  some regrettable incidents happened.

Laos Travel Forum will send to you the things that the people of this country avoid in communication and living.

In communicating with the natives:

In the West, you can kiss the hands, waist of women. However, in Laos, it is dark hydrophobic action. Although you want to be friendly, but the action of waist, shoulder or joke jacket, especially with the unmarried girl is increasingly being seen as rude. Even at the point massage that you also have similar actions, the hotelier will notify you once the police and you will be fined.
If you want to take some photos with a beautiful native girl? it absolutely can be. However, when taking photos, you should take two hands neatly behind the back or to the front end, absolutely not be violated, if not you will see the “consequences” after that!

Touching action, or patting one’s head in Laos (especially men) is not only a thing of abstinence but also be considered as the serious offenses, could even lead to altercation injury. If a person does not consent to your Laos touching their object the items that can easily cause greed, or also it carries a special spiritual value for them should not want anyone to touch. There is also the case that the item was dropped half (blessed). Ideally, you should not plead when people did not want to let you see or touch it.

In everyday life:
Laotians are Buddhist worshipping. When visiting temples, you absolutely must not be disorderly, indecent dress or use  vulgar words or teas something. You should not turned into Buddha or call each in the temple. Be aware of the forbidden sea here. If people do not get photographed regulations you must be complied. Do they see the beautiful architecture that tries to capture some memories depot, you will be asked immediately.
When in traffic, do not honk loudly. Although the action is not prohibited in this country, but the people here watch the match is the most excessive detail on a car! Rarely do you see Laotians honk, so if you keep the habit of using the car horn as in Vietnam, it would be very uncomfortable, even thought you were aliens.

Aware of traffic law enforcement in this country is very high. They also make concessions to each other while being circulated. You also need to know when to give way on the road or from the side preferred to go to the main road. Even walking in the road. Usually people often wait Laos new vehicles all gone into labor rather arbitrary way. You will be very surprised when traffic speeds in Laos is not large and the media frequently stopped at the intersection, looked tilted before entering into the new lane.
When passing through a village where you see where the entrance to the village with a cotton cloth rope or a sign hanging across the object, a special symbol, called Ta-led process – local option, they must understand that the people in This village forbid strangers to the village. Often because villagers are strange cases or deaths inexplicably can cause infection, or that day to a village day of abstinence.

When the natives are sleeping at home, you do not get their heads toward the door. At night, you should not shave or have haircut. You must abstain from Wednesday haircut and shampoo abstained on Thursday. You must not leave empty bowl in the one or the wires go through the above may expose women’s clothing.

These are a few points to note about the abstention in communication and people’s living in Laos. Just remember to avoid committing when travelling here, hope that  it will help you get a fun trip and full offline.

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